We Are ICR Iowa

Iowa City-Cedar Rapids (ICR) is a center of innovation, especially around our core industry clusters of edtech, medtech, food, finance, and engineering/automation. Globally recognized brands like Collins Aerospace, ACT, Pearson, GreatAmerica Financial, United Fire Group (UFG), Proctor & Gamble, and General Mills have a significant presence in the region. We also have a thriving group of mid-size firms and startups, leveraging the research and expertise at the University of Iowa to grow big. If your company is considering a new place to drop anchor, add ICR to your list. We can’t wait to help you gather the data, find the perfect property, and connect with the right talent for your newest venture.

ICR Iowa Oh, There it is!

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Eastern Iowa Airport

has flights to many nonstop destinations




Employment growth rate




Ten year employment growth rate


per capita GDP

10 gigabit

and Fiber Infrastructure accessibility

Why We Love ICR Iowa

  1. Our employees are smart and reliable.
  2. We never worry about earthquakes.
  3. A 15-minute commute IS rush hour.
  4. Our kids go to award-winning PUBLIC schools.
  5. 10 gigabytes is how we roll.
  6. Have you seen the Kinnick Wave?
  7. We can afford houses without roommates.
  8. Time for dinner parties and little league (see #3).
  9. Yep, we really are Iowa Nice.
  10. That Big Ten college vibe! Go Hawks!

University Research and Innovation

Projects that would benefit from the centers of research and innovation at the University of Iowa should consider our region. The University of Iowa is nationally and internationally known for medical technology, educational technology and assessment, risk management and actuarial science, hydroscience and engineering, transportation safety research, biocatalysis and bioprocessing, pharmaceutical development, and writing.  For more details on these areas of strength, take a look at our key industry sectors.

Is Your Project A Good Fit?

We love Iowa City-Cedar Rapids, but we know it isn’t the right place for every project.  Here are the types of projects that will be the most successful in ICR:


Projects offering entry level wages that are $15 or more with competitive benefits are a good fit for our metro. Our most recent laborshed study indicates that 91,000 of our currently employed citizens and 54,900 of our unemployed citizens are likely to accept a new position depending on wage and benefits. If the position offers $15 or more per hour, 50% of those employed candidates and 75% of the unemployed candidates are likely to make the move.

Water Capacity

Projects that need high volume water and waste water capacity are a good fit for the City of Cedar Rapids. The city’s water and waste water systems currently have 15 million gallons per day of excess capacity.

New College Grads

Projects with opportunities for new college graduates will find a great pipeline for recruiting in ICR. The University of Iowa and several private colleges in the region generate over 5,000 graduates annually with degrees in liberal arts, computer science, business and finance, engineering, and nursing. Companies who love to be that first employer for new college graduates are a great fit for us.