Feeding the World

ICR is a national leader in food and food ingredient production. Our roots in agriculture allow us to deliver everything from breakfast cereal and baker’s yeast to organic spices, breads, and cheeses. Globally beloved products like Cheerios, Captain Crunch, and Quaker Oats cereals are made in ICR. Local companies take advantage of our region’s access to raw materials, infrastructure, and research to startup and grow big. When you add our talent pool, suppliers, service companies, and educational institutions, it is the perfect recipe for success.

Largest Employers in
Food and Bio-Processing

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Wet Corn Milling industry is 55 times more concentrated in the ICR region.

Biological Product Manufacturing industry is 12 times more concentrated in the ICR region.

19% of the world’s processed oats are processed in the CR IC Corridor region for food, feed, energy, and other industrial applications.

1.1 million bushels of corn are processed daily in the ICR region, or 61.5 million pounds of corn per day.

The region is home to 3 ethanol plants which have the capacity to produce over 540M gallons of ethanol per year. One biodiesel plant with capacity to produce 30M gallons of biodiesel.

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Detailed data about industry employment, and wages. As well as a mapped with highlighted ICR Food Ingredient locations.

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