Celebrating the Expansion of a Long-Standing International Business in Our Community

International Company in Cedar Rapids International Flavors and Fragrances

It’s easy to take for granted at times our long-standing history with international manufacturing and forget the important legacy we have right here in ICR that connects us to the world.

International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) is a global company in Cedar Rapids. Initially started 30 years ago as Genencor, this company was a business attraction success story for Cedar Rapids. Genencor was eventually purchased by DuPont, which recently merged with IFF. IFF is a world leader in industrial biotechnology and a pioneer in enzyme innovation. As part of a large global organization, IFF has a manufacturing and distribution network that spans more than 40 countries.
The company’s many innovations create value throughout the supply chain, from raw material to finished product.

From Genencor to DuPont to IFF, the company has committed to Cedar Rapids as “home.” The recent 2020 merger of DuPont with IFF could easily have resulted in the company expanding or relocating in another country. Instead, IFF immediately invested $48 million into expanding its operations in Cedar Rapids by adding 20,000 square feet of space for both the spray drying and fermentation processes and creating additional new jobs.

IFF is a recognized global leader in high-value ingredients and solutions for the food & beverage, home & personal care and health & wellness markets, with estimated 2020 pro forma revenue of more than $11 billion. The company’s global reach and enhanced capabilities enable the creation of innovative solutions to respond to customer demands and increasing consumer preferences for natural, healthier and “better for you” products. Aroma chemicals, natural botanical extracts and citrus specialties are some of the healthy ingredients that end up in household products and animal nutrition products used throughout the world. As consumers demand healthier products for themselves and environmentally-friendly products, it’s a point of pride to know that a Cedar Rapids industrial leader like IFF is playing a key role in that movement.

We thank IFF for choosing to stay in Cedar Rapids and congratulate the company on its recent 30-year celebration of operations in our region.