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LT Technology Services

Date: 19-Apr-2022

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Company: LTTS

  • Participate with the Design function during the design phase of products to guide the Design for Assembly (DFA) relying on your experiences in production support. Be a driving force in the choice of assembly technologies by informing projects about limits and advantages of different technologies
  • Evaluate and validate product design alternatives to create optimum process designs by applying knowledge of product design, assembly, fixturing and materials. Ability to compare process scenarios for profitability and return on investment.
  • Create detailed capacity analysis studies using various assembly methods and techniques. Comparison of manual, semi-auto and fully automated solutions.
  • Define the material flow and handling used to supply the process.
  • Plan and establish the sequence of operations to fabricate and assemble parts or products and to promote efficient utilization of resources (machine and human). Experience with line balancing techniques.
  • Define the industrial technologies needed to assemble new products by utilizing the FMEA, VSM and Auto vs Manual studies. Enlighten the projects on the necessary levels of investment according to the scenarios envisioned.
  • Contribute to the target cost by providing the product assembly time using systemic methods such as MTM analysis.
  • Write specification and qualification plans for the means, tools, equipment and production lines to produce the product.
  • Manage the realization of the production means at our suppliers (internal or external). Be strongly invested in the technical choices of the different equipment with manufacturing feasibility studies, cost of quality analysis and cross-functional peer reviews.
  • Drive the qualification of the means (equipment and processes) at our supplier and internal operation sites.
  • Participate in the ramp up of the production means to the operations site by leading training, industrial file definition and assistance with material setup and flow.

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