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$20 – $35 an hour

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Important-Please read this ad carefully and note specific instructions below about applying for this position. We will not consider applicants who do not follow these instructions.

We are looking for capable writers who know how to write with a professional tone. We are a company that does industry-leading internet marketing for some of the most prominent dentists in the country. Our writing positions pay from $20 to $35 per hour and have the prospect of long-term steady employment of from 10 hours/week up to full-time.


  • Your writing must be clear and accurate and convey a feeling of warmth, professionalism, and trustworthiness.
  • We need a cover letter telling us why you are interested in this position. We want to know that you have actually read this ad, have thought about the training requirements, and will consider making the commitment to becoming a long-term writer for us.
  • In that cover letter you need to provide us with links to writing samples or otherwise indicate how you will provide us with writing samples. The first step in our screening process is looking at writing that you have produced.
  • You must be willing to undergo a training program in basic dentistry and marketing strategy on your own time before being given any writing assignments. Training will continue through your first few projects, but you will be paid for those projects as you are trained further. Since we invest all this time in your training, it would be impractical to hire writers for only a couple of projects. Asking you to start with study on your own time helps us screen out applicants who are only looking for short-term work.
  • In addition to the Indeed assessments, there will be a general aptitude test that we will give you to complete your application.

This position is completely remote and can be done on your own schedule. However, we do like to be able to confer with you on the phone occasionally during regular office hours.

Please do not apply unless you are interested in long-term work. Because of the resources we invest in training you, we are not interested in people who only intend to do a couple of projects for us and then move on.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Pay: $20.00 – $35.00 per hour

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote