A National Leader

Iowa is a national leader in the insurance industry and ICR is home to a large concentration of employers in this cluster. Our insurance-friendly tax environment and the thousands of professionals graduating from the University of Iowa and other local colleges have created an environment where this industry has naturally grown and flourished. Today, there are a dozen large insurance employers and over 13,000 insurance professionals employed in this industry in our region alone.

Largest Employers in
Insurance and Finance

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Iowa’s insurance industry output as a percent of gross domestic product ranks 2nd among the 50 states. (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2012)

Iowa does not charge premium taxes on sales of annuities or qualified life insurance plans.

Iowa does not assess any additional surtaxes or income taxes on insurance carriers.

Iowa is acknowledged as a leader in insurance regulation. The Iowa Insurance Division has earned a reputation for oversight that is efficient, responsive and fair.

Direct Life Insurance Carriers is 8 times more concentrated in the CR IC Corridor region than average.

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